LCD Mini Movie Projector

LCD Mini Movie Projector


  • 50% BRIGHTER THAN ORDINARY LED PROJECTORS: Being 50% brighter and sharper than comparable projectors on the market, it provides you with probably the best home cinema experience out there. However, as this projector is only ideal for home entertainment, we do NOT recommend it for use in PPT or business presentations.
  • REDUCED FAN & SYSTEM NOISE: This projector is equipped with an innovative cooling system that provides very efficient heat dispersion. As well as this, our R&D team has improved the fan design so much that the sound the fan makes has been reduced by half!
  • TOP-NOTCH VIEWING EXPERIENCE: It offers a 32”-176″ display size with a projector distance of between 1.5m-5m. By placing the projector at the optimum distance of about 2 to 2.5m, it will display a super-clear and bright 130” image, giving you a superior private home theater experience.
  • CONNECTING YOUR PHONE: This projector also offers the perfect convenience of being able to connect your smartphone (supports MHL function) or iPad via dongle or adapter (Not included).
  • LEADING WARRANTY: Made to the highest quality, we’re able to offer you a 1-YEAR warranty and professional customer service & technical support.

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